1-to-1 Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching can be used to help you in every aspect of your career journey.

I will work with you to assess your career history, your skills, where you want to go with your career and address your fears. I will work relentlessly with you to achieve your goals, build your confidence and help you be successful in taking the correct and necessary steps towards your dreams. Working with me will be a safe and confidential space where there is no judgement. I always aspire to help my clients achieve success and ultimate job satisfaction and I will give you the tools to achieve this.

1-to-1 Personalised Coaching Career Strategy

Tailored Coaching Package to create your strategy to Landing Your Dream Job and achieving Career Fulfilment:

We use my signature GSL Framework which is:

1. Getting Clear

Getting clear on skills, transferable skills, qualities and the career and job roles that you'd like to pursue along with working on mindset through making this transition.

2. Stand Out Brand

Building your CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile to ensure they are fully optimized to grab the recruiters attention and ensure we are packaging your skills correctly to land those interviews.

3. Landing Your Dream Job

Interview skills, mock interview with questions and answers, where you can show your fantastic transferable skills and how they would fit the role you are applying for. 

Also included: 

Templates and worksheets

Email support in between coaching sessions 

Personalized review and edits of your CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn 

Notes after every coaching session along with support work for you to complete before the next session.

Client Testimonials

Aisling Healy Coaching | Kim Bevans

"Aisling helped me achieve my next steps in my career more than I ever could have on my own. I knew I wanted to progress in my career but was stuck as to how and what to do next. I had exhausted all the avenues I was aware of, I had done everything I could think of. But this is where Aisling launched me further than I could have hoped for. I was applying for jobs and getting nowhere until Aisling gave me a complete overhaul in just a few hours. I was then more equipped and more focused on what I wanted and how to get there. She had experience and knowledge of the recruitment process that I just didn’t have. 

With Aisling's focus and ability to pull out my transferable skills I ended up being offered three incredible jobs, giving me the opportunity to accept the job that felt right for me. I went from months of not even getting interviews to having the choice between three amazing jobs. It was so empowering. And Aisling was the reason for this. Aisling also helped me realise my own value, which translated to me getting much higher salary offers than before. I cannot recommend Aisling enough. I cannot wait to go to work in the morning now, I am doing something I love and it’s all thanks to Aisling."

Cathy Duggan, Project Manager
Aisling Healy Coaching | Kim Bevans

"Finding myself at a career crossroads Aisling was a great beacon of hope and motivation. I accessed options in the market, but Aisling met my requirements and very professional.

I found from the initial introduction call as was a great fit, putting me at easy and pushing me out of my comfort zone in equal measure. Aisling was very responsive, flexible, and understanding of my needs.

A key outcome of my interactions with Aisling are renewed focused motivation and confidence, along with clear direction. I was unsure what to expect and happy to say, it exceeded any hopes, with huge thanks to Aisling. ."

Gráinne Daly, Project Manager
Aisling Healy Coaching | Kim Bevans

"When I contacted Aisling for the first time I wasn't sure about what I was looking for neither what I was going to receive in exchange. I originally contacted her for some interview preparation and we got on so well that I opted for a LinkedIn optimization, 1 clarity coaching session and 3 interview coaching sessions.  I can't recommend Aisling enough and all the great support you provided to me.

From the first 30 min free consultation I got engaged and after our 4 intensive coaching sessions I felt so empowered. I learnt a lot with her and I built up a strong confidence on my professional potential and my communication skills (considering English isn't my native language). Aisling helped me to improve my answers when interviewing as well as storytelling my own experience in a more impactful and engaging way. Soon after my LinkedIn optimization I started to attract so many views to my profile and talking to recruiters I even ended receiving 2 great job offers in a short time.

I find Aisling services very professional, customized to client's needs and especially effective and I would recommend to anyone in need to have career advice or job interview preparation to definitely contact her. You won't regret it. Thanks Aisling. Yrays."

Yrays Giovanna Delgado, Operations Manager

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Are you struggling in your job and not sure of your purpose anymore?
Do you want a new job but you are struggling to take the first step?
Do you lack in confidence, feeling that you’re not “good enough” for another job or another company?
Do you fear moving jobs in case you might be “worse off” with a new company?
Do you feel that you’ve hit a ceiling in your job and there’s nowhere else to go in your current company?
Do you think that you don’t have the right skills to pursue the job you want?
Do you want a complete career change and don’t know where to begin?
Are you struggling to find an employer that match your values?
Are you struggling to show that you're the perfect person for the job?

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