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Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops can play a vital role in Employee Wellbeing, Development and Performance. The workshops that I provide are developed from my own experience working as a HR Business for the last number of years, consistently asking for employee feedback and gaining insight to what makes them happy in work.

To my surprise, it wasn't always salary and financial benefits. Being listened to, valued and invested in, contributed significantly to a boost in employee morale and feeling of worth in the company. This in turn increased engagement, loyalty and performance.

Using this knowledge I have developed 3 Key workshops that will benefit your employees and your organisation.

Goal Setting for Success

Helping your employees:

Set goals in their career with you and their life

Remove Self-Limiting Beliefs

Identify their purpose and create a clear path to work towards

To get motivated to take action

Prepare for setting goals in their performance management setting at the start of year and year end

Identify areas they need to work on

Feel satisfied in their jobs

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Working with your employees to identify how to achieve work-life balance, therefore optimising their time at work and taking the necessary breaks

Increasing employee engagement, productivity and performance in work

Increasing job satisfaction

Decreasing absenteeism

Managing for Performance

Teaching your managers how to effectively performance manage their teams

Working with your managers on any current performance issues

Reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, performance and engagement

Employee Engagement Consulting

Employee Engagement plays a vital role in employee retention.

Not only have I understood this from my own experience working as a HR Business Partner for the past number of years, understanding the reasons for employees leaving through exit interviews, but also through reading some interesting studies.

According to Gallup’s studies, Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable with 41% lower absenteeism and higher retention rates. On average replacing an employee in your organisation can set your company back as much as 2x their annual salary.

The best thing about employee engagement is, it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money in massive benefits programmes and implementing all of these new expensive tools. It can come as simply as in the form of words of encouragement and praise in the right way.


I can help you implement some initiatives which will be the next steps in building the engaging, productive and high performing workforce and culture that you want in your organisation while remaining budget friendly.

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