Corporate Coaching

HR Consulting

Corporate Coaching

Are you having issues with employee performance, retention, or employee behaviour? Coaching can help you reduce employee turnover, improve retention, build strategic relationships and increase motivation in your workforce.

Throughout my career as both HR Business Partner & Recruitment Consultant (agency & inhouse), I coached managers daily on how to manage their employees. I worked with many different managers, leadership styles and personalities. I advised them on performance management, managing conflict, giving and receiving feedback and how to manage people effectively to prevent issues occurring at all. This would range from regular training sessions to every day calls supporting managers through the process.

In tandem with this, I managed employee queries and issues daily. I gained a deep insight and knowledge into the values the employees held and what they needed in order to achieve job satisfaction. 9/10 times it is more than base salary that motivates an employee in their role and to stay in the company.

Coaching services I specialise in:

For managers:

- Performance Management

- Managing conflict

- Giving and receiving feedback

- Interview Training

- How to manage and keep employees engaged while Remote Working

For employees:

- Stress Management

- Time Management

- Career Coaching; supporting them in achieving their goals and

objectives within your organisation and coaching them to overcome any


- Redundancies; Coaching employees to avail of opportunities post


- Return to Work (After a Career Break, Maternity Leave, Long term


Corporate Coaching

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HR Consulting

Do you need help with managing your HR Processes and paperwork?

Do you lack HR presence in your company and need assistance with managing a certain conflict in accordance to employment law?

Do you feel you need to boost employee engagement but not sure where to begin?

From my vast and specialised experience in HR & Recruitment I can help you all things HR related.

HR Consulting Services I offer;

  • HR Paperwork
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Engagement & Wellness (particularly through the current climate)
  • Managing Employee Conflict
  • Performance Management Process
  • Interviews (for internal and external recruitment)
  • Managing Redundancies

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